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(shop on Marketplace such as,,


Create a profile, choose a form of cooperation:

1. Handmade products PPC form - price for the period

This form of cooperation is for handmade producers, who do not have e-shop and they have shop on marketplace such as, and

2. E-shops - CPS -% commission from the sales, you pay us only % commission from the realized order at your e-shop.

For this form of cooperation, you also need to register on our affiliate network as a Merchant, active your account. Next you enter the length of the cookies into the created campaign, period in which the buyer needs to buy the goods and the amount of the %commission. For right measure of all visits and realized orders and the amount of commissions, it is necessary to implement the tracking code into your e-shop.

Enter product and content:

Add the products / manually, via XML feed /


FREE bonus - for more successful sale you can add:

photo into the catalogue of photo inspiration and attach your product directly on the photo
- videos and and add your product in video
- news, know how (tutorials) and ideas in form of articles into the magazine/blog
- post on your timeline, like, share, follow and comment the commentaries of the visitors


Customer clicks on the product image, product name or the "Go to the store" button, which redirects him exactly to the same product on your web site / eshop / shop at the marketplace, where he buys the product.




















Boost your sale

Adding products and engaging in our community will help you to make immediate sales!


Quality buyers

We offer you traffic and specific customers directly to your e-shop / store at the sales website who are interested in buying your products!


Campaign Management

You have detailed statistics of traffic and clicks on your products to help you evaluate your sales.



SEO for your e-shop / shop at a marketplace

By placing your products at and with create of other marketing tools, such as create photo inspiration with the option of tagging a product on a price tag, publishing an article and video enhanced by links / Linkbuilding / from a higher position even when searching Google for your e-shop / shop at a marketplace.

What is Linkbuilding?

Linkbuilding is very close to SEO. With linkbuilding, we create backlinks that we place on social networks, in well-known magazines or forums. These links increase the visibility and strength of your website.

What it will bring?

If strong media is referenced on your site, it reflects on the traffic and strength of your e-shop / shop at a markeplace. Websites with a better position impact on SEO optimization results.


For Free


Photo Inspiration
Post your arrange photos into Inspiration Catalog and tag your products on the photo.

Video Inspiration
Publish your videos and attach your products to the video.

Magazine / Blog
Publish news, tutorials and ideas through articles in the magazine / blog.

Social Network
Through the Social Network Timeline, add posts, reply to visitor comments, like, share, follow.



PPC campaign for e-shops and Ecommerce 


PPC advertisment, price per click is 0,10,- eur without VAT.

You can buy and charge credit in administration after sign up and creation of profile, whre you can choose MARKETING CAMPAIGN and buy the PPC packet.

Basic Sign up package 120 Eur / year / up to 1000 products
300 clicks / 0.20 € per click / 365 days / 1000 product(s)
120.00 €
60.00 €
Basic Sign up package 240 Eur / year / up to 2000 products
300 clicks / 0.40 € per click / 365 days / 2000 product(s)
240.00 €
120.00 €
Basic Sign up Package 360 Eur / year / 3000 and more products
300 clicks / 0.60 € per click / 365 days / 3000 product(s)
360.00 €
180.00 €


Add categories

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