Pink dog bow tie with dots - 30% of sales donated to dog shelters "dog bow tie" symbol for animal support

Hand made dog bow tie for cool & stylish dogs who want to support their buddies in shelters ❤

>>> 30% of sales donated to dog shelters <<<

The bow tie is attached by a velcro to any dogs' collar. It can be easily put on and removed again, you don't even have to take the collar off the dog. The dog don't mind it, practically don't have a possibility to bite on it or destroy it.

We have 4 different sizes. Mr. Cuddlo on the picture has a bow tie size small 9 cm:

# mini 6 cm - for very small breads ( 2 - 5 kg) like chihuahua, pinscher, yorkshire, pug, mini dachshund

# small 9 cm - for small / middle size breads ( 5 - 12 kg) like beagle, french bulldog, jack russell, mixes

# medium 12 cm - for middle / larger size breads (12 - 20 kg) like border collie, bulldog, boxer, vizsla

# large 15 cm - for big size breads (20kg and more) like rottweiler, malamute, shepherd dog, bernese dog

Every dog looks simply amazing with a ???? :) Let's make the dog bow tie as a symbol of animal support worldwide :)

???? ❤ ????
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