Try the army look!

For several seasons the military style and combination of old things with new trends are on the top of the fashion sky. There are many uniform elements in it, metallic accessories. The best military and vintage pieces can be caught just in second hand or at flea markets. 

[Khaki oblečenie]

For army look are typical blazer with tabs, coats with big metal buttons and trousers in a masked pattern. Typical colors for military style are military green and its related colors like olive and khaki.

[Khaki obuv] 

Just use the right accessories and you will be in the course. Do not forget the big cuffs, badge on the shoulders, tabs, or a striking collar. It is important, however, not to forget about temperance, less is sometimes more. 

[Army tasky] 

Just add to your outfit one piece of army style. You can supplement it big earrings, antique brooches, brightly colored scarves and caps. It can also be combined with romantic elements such as lace, ruffles or strips.

Shoulders decorated with feathers, torn trousers, massive rough boots and amusing tops. Of course, if you have the camouflage pants, do not throw them. Be creative and play with details and accessories.

[cervene doplnky] 

It is important not to be afraid and to experiment. Be creative, combine different styles, fluffy skirt and sports bomber, play with accessories. It will be great to use white, beige, red or denim blue with military green. Denim is a material that complements the army style very well.

[Jeans oblečenie]

Some rugged look is created by combining the black color, for example in the form of leather trousers and comfortable sneakers.  

[cierne oblecenie]


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