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Autumn 2018

Autumn style 2018

Autumn is a beautiful season, but also a time when it gets cold outside. Put your summer clothes in the wardrobe and replace them with fashionable, warm products ideal for cold autumn days. We will show you interesting colour combinations and the most fashionable brands, perfect for you!


Cozy warm sweaters

When you are cold, you are angry and you can't focus on your duties. Warm clothes can also be fashionable and stylish! All you need to do is to choose the right colours and patterns for yourself. Fashionable, warm sweater can become the main element of your outfit and make you feel special. Grey, red, dark green and purple and the main autumn colours. Of course, you can' forget about classic black. All these shades are an ideal base for creating an autumn outfit.


Oversized sweater fashion

Sweaters can be long or short. It's all up to you. Oversized sweaters are a real 'must have' during cold autumn days! Such a sweater is not only warm but above all very comfortable. It looks perfect with jeans or leggings. Other elements of the autumn outfit are also very important. Make sure you have warm shoes and a cap.


Grey – simple look

Grey sweaters always look good. If you want to put on your favourite warm grey sweater, but also would like to add a bit of colour to your style, choose colourful accessories. It can be a yellow watch or a red autumn cap. Grey is a simple colour that can be combined with all shades.





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